Date : Feb. 2, 1986
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Klaus Krippendorff's Dictionary of Cybernetics

The definitions in the Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems noted "(Krippendorff)" come from Klaus Krippendorff's "A Dictionary of Cybernetics", an 80 p. unpublished report dated Feb. 2, 1986, which carries the following preface:

A dictionary like the discipline whose terminology it alms to clarify -- is constantly in flux. It is aided by communal efforts and in turn aids communication within the community of users. Critical comments and suggestions, especially for including new or omitting useless entries, for improving the wording, for references that may need to be added should be directed to:

Klaus Krippendorff

The Annenberg School of Communications
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104
KKrippendorff @

NOTE: This dictionary is not intended to represent the American Society for Cybernetics nor the opinions of any of its members; neither does it replace the current Cybernetics Glossary. Klaus Krippendorff has been kind enough to make his work available to ASC members in order to stimulate discussion on the language of cybernetics, as well as on th idea of a dictionary itself.

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