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At present we don't have a complete list of PCP contributors, but many of them can be found among the subscribers of the PRNCYB-L mailing list. More detailed descriptions of the interests, addresses, etc. of these subscribers can be found in the (long) FTP-file with all PRNCYB-members. The following is meant to become an exhaustive list of "Home Pages" with the names, addresses and other information about all people having contributed to the project. New contributors are invited to add their own homepage to this list, by annotating this node. If you already have a home page on a different server, you can simply include its address and leave the text of your annotation empty. Otherwise, you can type in your coordinates and other useful info in the annotation text field.

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Project Organization

Contributing to the Principia Cybernetica Project

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Bernheim, Jan

Bollen, Johan

Campbell, Donald T.

de Rosnay, Joël

Dewaele, Jean-Marc

Edmonds, Bruce

Geyer, Felix

Glück, Robert

Harrison, Paul

Heylighen, Francis

Joslyn, Cliff

Mickulecky, Don

Prideaux, Jeff

Red'ko, Vladimir

Riegler, Alex

Rocha, Luis

Sharov, Alexei

Speel, Hans-Cees

Turchin, Val

Umerez, Jon

Umpleby, Stuart


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