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We very much appreciate people referring to, quoting, or using ideas from pages in Principia Cybernetica Web. Under the given copyright restrictions, it may even be possible to reuse texts in other publications, e.g. for classrooms. However, we would ask that in such cases due reference is made to the original publication. The proper format for reference is explained below.

Although most documents on PCP web exist only in electronic form, this does not mean that they are less important than printed publications in journals or books. All "official" pages ("nodes") in Principia Cybernetica Web (those that carry the "Principia Cybernetica Web" header with logo and that do not have "Annotation" or "Comment" in their title) are strictly selected by the Principia Cybernetica Editorial Board. They are therefore equivalent to refereed publications.

In some cases, the Principia Cybernetica page is an excerpt or summary of a paper or book that has been published elsewhere. This original publication is normally quoted at the end of the page as a "reference". In such case, it is in general better to quote this original publication.

Reference format

Every node in Principia Cybernetica Web has a title (e.g. for this page "Referencing pages in Principia Cybernetica Web"), author (e.g. "F. Heylighen"), last modification date (e.g. "Jan 14, 2000") including a year (e.g. "2000"), and a filename (last part of the URL, after the hostname, e.g. "REFERPCP.html"). The format to refer to that page in another publication is then the following:

Author (year): "Title", in: F. Heylighen, C. Joslyn and V. Turchin (editors): Principia Cybernetica Web (Principia Cybernetica, Brussels), URL:

Bold entries must of course be replaced by the concrete data for the given page. For the present page this gives:

F. Heylighen (2000): "Referencing pages in Principia Cybernetica Web", in: F. Heylighen, C. Joslyn and V. Turchin (editors): Principia Cybernetica Web (Principia Cybernetica, Brussels), URL:

Note that it is possible that the URL (Internet location) of the page in your browser may be different from the form used here, because there exist different servers (e.g. or different addresses for the same server carrying this same page. To avoid confusion, you should always use the host address as specified here.

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Aug 6, 1999 (created)


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