Welcome to Principia Cybernetica Web
Principia Cybernetica Web

Welcome to Principia Cybernetica Web

Principia Cybernetica tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies.

This is the website of the Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP), an international organization. The Project aims to develop a complete philosophy or "world-view", based on the principles of evolutionary cybernetics, and supported by collaborative computer technologies. To get started, there is an introduction with background and motivation, and an overview, summarizing the project as a whole.

Main subjects

our theoretical results, including epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, concepts, principles, memetics, and the history and future of evolution.

details the people, conferences, publications, ways of participating, newsletter and the mailing lists part of PCP.

our algorithms, experiments and applications to develop distributed, self-organizing, knowledge networks, inspired by the "Global Brain" metaphor

background material collected by us, including an electronic library with free books, a web dictionary, related websites, and info about cybernetics and systems theory, such as bibliographies, associations, and journals.

tools to help you to quickly find your way around our over two thousand pages, such as the Recent Changes, Search, Table of Contents, and Index, plus general information about this website and how to use it.

Other Info
this server also hosts some pages that are not part of PCP: the Association for the Foundations of Science, Language and Cognition (AFOS), and Belgium: Overview

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